Backup Your @postmarkapp Templates

The other day I wrote about using Postmark for sending out HTML emails. We wanted to have a way to backup our Postmark email templates automatically, so we coded a simple Github Actions workflow.

There is about 10 minutes of setup for you to do, and it works well enough to backup your Postmark templates and server information on a schedule.

Basically, you need to:

  • Visit our postmark-backup repo on Github.
  • Click "Use this template" to copy the repo to your own account where you can set your repo's visibility.
  • Make a couple of adjustments to the workflow yaml file.
  • Add some repository secrets to reference your Postmark account and server tokens as appropriate.

Once it's setup, it's basically set and forget, and will backup on a schedule, or when you push.

Post Cover Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash. Git repo photo by Rick Cogley.

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